​How Will an NLP Session Shift My Problem


Let’s Go For a Journey Through The Process


How Are We Going to Bring About Your Change?


  • Find and Isolate a problem to work on
  • Explain to client how the problem is currently affecting and playing out in their life
  • Show the client the current consequences in their life
  • Show the Client the future consequences of making no change
  • Decide with client on an Idea Outcome or Future Version
  • Explore resistance arising when comparing Durrent state to / Desrired state
  • Find effective and efficient resources the client can use to enhance their own change process
  • Build and Introduce new resources / strategies into the clients worldview
  • Check the appropriatence of any change intended to make sure it sits ecologically in the clients being
  • Compare New End State/Vision to Initial State/Vision
  • Tweak until Desired Ecological  Result  is Achieved

What  Tools We Are Going To Use To Bring About Positive Change in the Session?


  • Use Solution Focused Coaching Models
  • Guide session using Transformational Grammer
  • View Clients Situation from Multiple Perspectives
  • Appy Change at Conscious and Unconscious Levels
  • Access and Apply and Build New  Effective Strategies and +ve Emotional States
  • Apply knowledge of ‘Towards’ and ‘Away From’ Motivation
  • Apply Belief Change
  • Implement Goal Setting
  • Use Timeline Therapy
  • Resolve  Resistance between Parts using Mediation and Negotiation
  • Use an Ecologically informedTransformation Process

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These interventions offer a great complementary approach that can be used safely alongside and in addition to traditional medically assisted programs.

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